Healing your body, mind and spirit.


Asha’s kind and loving spirit is the foundation of her success as a healer.  Asha’s Reiki treatments have been an amazing experience for me – I can feel the energy flowing through my body and emanating around my injuries.  I was surprised by the sensation and, as a result, convinced that Reiki is a valuable form of treatment that promotes healing.  After each treatment, I always feel calm and rested.

– Meenu


I was referred to Asha several years ago when I found out from Children's Hospital that my daughter has a serious Rheumatic disorder and I immediately asked her to help. She started doing Reiki and Reflexology treatments on my daughter and after a couple of years the outcome has been phenomenal – my daughter is now in remission.  I give a substantial amount of credit to Asha for my daughter's current condition.  I have also had some treatment with Asha and I find that her working environment is extremely peaceful and I look forward to spending time there and receiving her treatment.  Her treatments have given me help through many difficult times. 
– Ann


I have worked with Asha over the last few years for Reflexology and Reiki and I am amazed at how she quickly pinpoints areas of my body that are feeling cranky.  If you haven't worked with Asha yet, you need to; she will help resolve the problems you are experiencing. 
– Shirley


I have had a different outlook on life after meeting Asha.  She has been my mentor teaching me all the levels of Reiki and encouraging me to becoming a Master.  For this, I know now what I can achieve.
Blessings, Lijana


I started seeing Asha during a very difficult period of time in my life.  What an amazing experience and one that I will be forever grateful for.  Asha has an undeniable gift of healing.The feeling of pure relaxation and balancing of body, mind and spirit is a must for all to experience.
Best wishes, Lucy

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